Meet the Team

Leadership Team

  • David Buck
    Dr David Buck
    Head of High-Throughput Genomics
  • Paolo Piazza
    Dr Paolo Piazza
    Head of Innovation

Project Management

  • Dr Simon Engledow
  • Dr Theodosios Kyriakou
  • Dr Sarah Lamble
  • Dr Angela Lee

Section Leaders

  • Amy Trebes, Library Preparation
  • Dr Angela Lee, Single Cell
  • Dr Lorne Lonie, Sequencing

Operational Scientists

  • Benjamin Carpenter
  • James Docker
    James Docker
  • Karene Argoud
  • Chris Allan
    Chris Allan
  • Carolyn Achia
    Carolyn Achia
  • Bianka Brassanyi
    Bianka Brassanyi
  • Eve Jarman
    Eve Jarman
  • Gabrielle Rockett
    Gabrielle Rockett
  • Gina Matthews
    Gina Matthews
  • Isobel Jury
    Isobel Jury
  • Jen Allen
    Dr Jennifer Allen
  • John Mains Sheard
    John Mains-Sheard
  • Katie Healey
    Katie Healey
  • Yanxia Wu
    Dr Yanxia Wu
  • Bobby Bojovic
  • Michael Wong
  • Polina Maykova

Informatics and Bioinformatics

  • Isar Nassiri
    Dr Isar Nassiri, Senior Bioinformatician
  • Matt Newbould
    Matt Newbould


  • Angie Green, Operations Manager
  • Lyn Louise Johnson
    Lyn-Louise Johnson, Quality Assurance Manager